• CIPLA PALLIATIVE CARE AND TRAINING CENTRE (CPC) - The flagship initiative of Cipla Foundation. Providing free-of-cost holistic palliative care for cancer patients & their families

Dr Y K Hamied envisioned a family model of palliative care, with the hope to give patients and their families a place to come and be cared for. His dream was realised in 1997 with the Cipla Palliative Care & Training Centre (CPC). Since then, CPC through its 55 bedded in-patient facility, home care services and OPDs, has been extending free-of-cost holistic care to people affected by cancer.

Palliative Care, also called “Supportive Care” aims to provide pain relief, manage symptoms and address the emotional and spiritual needs of patients and caregivers. A palliative care approach is beneficial at any stage for all life limiting or life threatening diseases, like cancer. Research shows that receiving palliative care early leads to significant improvements in quality of life and prolonged survival.

A Desperate Need For Palliative Care In India

  • Over a million new cases of cancer are diagnosed annually in our country.
  • Over 80% of cancer cases are diagnosed at an advanced stage.

  • Only 4% of morphine equivalent requirements are met in India.
  • Less than 1% have access to palliative care.