diversional-therapyWhile medical therapies remain critical, the Centre offers the much-needed emotional support for patients and their caregivers through diversion activities like art, craft, music and games. Our varied efforts aim to help them cope with the all-consuming demands of cancer.

Calm in creativity–  In colour therapy sessions, patients and their loved ones lose themselves in art and conversation to discover togetherness and peace.

Cheer in celebrations – Patients and family members are enthusiastically engaged in entertainment programmes and festivals, so they enjoy the special moments with the feeling of being at home.

Tranquility in tunes – Volunteers run sessions where patients and their caregivers soothe their souls with music, singing and playing instruments to spread happiness for themselves and others around.

A dedicated team of volunteers, some of whom have been associated with the Centre for over 15 years, mobilize local artists for special performances at the Centre.  Teams from Cipla also share their time and talent to bring hope and happiness to the lives of patients and their families.

“For the past 20 years, I’ve been working as volunteer, I have contributed in organizing more than 1500 cultural entertainment programs in the Centre. Due to these activities, patients and their caregivers get diverted from their stress and worries, they enjoy these programs as it helps them to cope up and also to think and focus on different aspects of life.”

Mr. Ram Parundekar, volunteer at CPC