family-care-modelThe unique aspect of CPC is that our service is deeply rooted in the Indian ethos of family and community. We recognise the patient and family as a unit, in both the in-patient and homecare setting.

A key aspect of our service focuses on empowering caregivers by giving them the confidence to care for their family member. In addition, the family member receives ongoing emotional and social support by the Center’s psychosocial support team.

At the Centre, family members are engaged in daily diversional and group activities to create a sense of normalcy. Special efforts are made by the homecare team, where a Medical Social worker provides counselling and other support to the both the patient and the family.

We spend the first few days talking and explaining things to caregivers. We ask them to help undo a bandage, and to assist in other small ways, teaching self-reliance by self-participation and demonstration. Very gradually, as the condition of the wound improves and the pain medication begins to work, the confidence of the relatives increases. Watching other family members in the ward coping with the same issues gives them strength to continue.

-Nursing team member