multi-disciplinary-teamAt CPC, we follow the basic definition of pain, which is “Pain is what the patient says, hurts”. Keeping this in mind, we cater to every patient and we are inching towards our vision of a “Pain Free Center”

We treat our patients with modalities ranging from very basic to the most advanced. Our drug charts have prescriptions ranging from paracetamol to the top rung of the WHO analgesic ladder which is morphine. Interventions for pain management range from basic comfort care and diversion activities for patients and caregivers to the latest and most evidence based interventional pain management techniques.

Doctors and nurses take the time to engage at a personal level and encourage two-way communication with patients and family members to optimize treatment outcomes.

Specialized treatments like lymphapress are used by patients admitted at Centre and are made available, free of charge to patients from the community.

Patients and family members are advised about appropriate diet by the nutritionist at the Centre and encouraged to continue the diet plan at home.

The medical social workers extend care beyond the scope of clinical therapies to connect patients and family members with community resources for socio-economic support to cope with the demands of cancer.

“I don’t have enough words to explain how the centre has helped me. I am now so much more at peace when I can see my daughter playing, drawing, eating better and smiling again. I can sleep at night now knowing that my daughter is finding happiness in her life. Whatever has to happen in the future, I am prepared for it now.”

Meena, mother of a 9 years old girl with blood cancer at CPC