Under stringent safety measures, we continue to provide free-of-cost care for patients & their families through in-patient admissions, homecare, teleconsultation and out-patient services even in Covid times.

Continuing Care in Covid times



The Centre remains open to serve patients & their caregivers even in Covid times. We have been providing palliative and end-of-life care to critically ill cancer patients and their families.

So far, we have reached out to
-Over 200 patients through in-centre OPD
-180+ patients through in-patient admissions.

Diversion activities in the Centre to comfort patients and Their Loved Ones

Since 1st April 2020, over 40 activities have been conducted for patients, their families and staff. The activities included Antakshari, movie screening, dumb-charades, art & craft, thanks-giving, meditation & yoga, relative & staff counselling support and more.

Covid Safety Protocols

  • All enquiries are attended to at the main gate of the Centre. No person is allowed to enter in premise.
  • Patients with mild symptoms of Covid19, have been treated on out-patient (OPD) basis.
  • In-patient (IPD) – admissions done only for Patients with critical conditions & with severe symptoms.
  • No visitors are allowed to come in contact with admitted patients. Exempted only for relatives of end-of life care or severe (dying) patients, with COVID Screening Certificate.
  • Staff has been deployment in a planned and systematic manner. All staff has been divided in two mutually exclusive groups to avoid any exposure.



Due to the Covid lockdown most of the patients had no access to any medical services, while lack of transport worsened their situation. Strict restrictions were imposed in every part of the city, stalling the home visits. The Centre’s home care team followed-up on patients through calls, Video Calls and messages.

We restarted our home care services on 14th April 2020 and since then, are caring for patients and their families in the comfort of their homes within 40 km in radius from the Centre / as per the need of patients.

Patients are prioritized based on –
– high symptoms burden
– End of life care patients.
– Morphine drop

So far, we have conducted over 140 visits since 14th April 2020 to June 2020

Homecare Safety Precautions In Covid

  • Pre-visit screening check list for COVID-19 to be filled up mandatorily
  • All universal precautions (hand washing, use of mask, social distancing etc) are followed by the home care team as well as patient and relatives.
  • Mandatory use of PPE kit at the time of performing any procedures. PPE kits to be used even while visiting a patient in red zones.
  • All vehicles used for homecare thoroughly sanitized before and after the visit.
  • Homecare team mandatorily take bath after visiting patients



The nation-wide lockdown has impacted the out-patient clinics set-up across several government hospitals in Pune. As stringent guidelines limited movement, our OPDS had to withdraw its services, but not for long.

On 9th June 2020, the Centre re-started serving patients and their families through its external OPD in Indrayani Hospital at Alandi, Pune.

The services that are being provided at the external OPD include clinical and psycho-social consultation to patients and their loved ones. Our team is also extending care through virtual support.



In the current Covid situation, we are making palliative care available and accessible for patients and their families through Teleconsultation services. With audio and video calls we are reaching out to patients for medical consultancy, physiotherapy, diet consultation, psycho-social support and other supportive services such as connecting to General Practitioners etc.

So far, over 1000 video and audio calls have been attended



While we continue to provide medical and psycho-social care, our team has also extended humanitarian support to stand by patients and their families who are in need in this hour of crisis.

  • Morphine drop-off was arranged for patients in need who were stuck during the lock down. 12 patients regularly received their Morphine dosage under strict monitoring
  • Food items and dry ration was provided to the vulnerable patients and their families stranded during the lockdown
  • Guided regarding Covid testing centres with appropriate information on screening in OPDs and provided Government Covid helpline numbers to patients in need



To upskill and build knowledge on palliative care, we hosted 2 webinars for healthcare professionals on ‘Making Palliative Homecare Possible’ in Covid19’ and


We hosted an online session on re-starting palliative home care in Covid times. On 22nd May 2020, experts from the Centre came together and addressed a diverse audience on developing strategy for home care and shared their experience of homecare during the lockdown.
Over 200 participants from varied backgrounds & geographies joined the virtual discussion to learn about solutions to continue caring for the seriously ill in these trying times.

Key speakers of the session were Dr Vivek Nirabhawane, Head – Clinical Services, Dr Nivedita Page – Pain Specialist, Dr Santosh Chaudhari and Dr Priya Singh – Senior Doctors from Cipla Palliative Care & Training Centre, Pune

To watch the recording of the session click here


A special webinar for doctors on integrating palliative care in general practice was conducted by the team at the Centre.

Over 60 General Practitioners (GPs) attended the live session.

The sessions were conducted by Dr Nivedita Page – Pain specialist, Dr Priya Singh – Senior Doctor at Cipla Palliative Care & Training Centre, Pune and a guest speaker, Dr Rahul Kalbhor – President of Purva Haveli Doctor’s Association, Pune.