For which patients does Cipla center provide palliative care?

What is palliative care?

Palliative care is an approach that improves the quality of life of patients and their families, who are facing problems associated with a life-threatening illness like cancer. It helps a patient live as comfortably as possible in spite of illness. The aim is to improve quality of life of the patient. It empowers the family with knowledge and the courage to take good care of the patient till the end.

Palliative care had its origin in the need for providing tender loving care to terminally ill patients. While compassion remains a crucial component, today palliative care is fully based on science. It adopts a personalized, holistic approach, where the individual as a whole gets more attention than isolated symptoms.

The importance given to right communication and the psychosocial aspects of care makes palliative care a distinct branch of medicine.

Can treatment to cure cancer continue alongside palliative care?

Yes it can. Any cancer patient may be referred to Cipla Centre by his or her doctor, for symptom management. Palliative care reduces or eliminates pain and distressing symptoms. The patient may be undergoing treatment for cancer or the disease may have worsened, palliative care helps at all stages. Nowadays, palliative care starts right from the time of diagnosis.

Is Cipla Centre a Hospice?

No, it is not a hospice. It is a centre where palliative care is provided to those suffering from cancer. Care is taken to ensure that the patient feels comfortable and at home. The centre also provides support to the families of the patients by using a holistic approach in the services provided.

Does Cipla Centre provide radiation and chemotherapy?

No, the centre only provides palliative care. There is no anti-cancer treatment provided at the centre.

Can my doctor visit me at Cipla Centre?

Yes, but only after speaking with the duty Medical Officer at the Cipla Centre.

Can I continue my homeopathy treatment along with palliative care?

We are not specialized in the field of homeopathy nor do we have any research data to confirm that allopathy and homeopathy if taken together have any side effects. However, if a patient wants to continue his / her homeopathy treatment alongside the palliative treatment provided at the centre, he/she should consult his / her respective homeopathy doctor about it.

What is the cost of treatment at Cipla Centre?

The care given to the patient is totally free, including food, stay and medicines. The relative of the patient gets free dormitory accommodation and subsidized food. The patient continues to get free medicines and attention even after discharge through the home care provided by the centre.