Indo-American Cancer Association

  • Certificate Course in Palliative Medicine
  • Certificate Course in Palliative Nursing

Cipla Palliative Care and Training Centre in collaboration with the Indo-American Cancer Association and Pallium India, TIPS, Trivandrum is conducting a “Hands On” (Full time), six weeks Certificate Courses, for doctors & nurses, who will be given both theoretical and practical training in the palliative care of cancer patients.

CPC has provides a full spectrum of service including in-patient, out-patient and home care, and participants will be trained for all these. Lectures and demonstrations, along with interactive sessions, homecare visits will prepare participants to provide palliation to patients, which they might do through their hospitals or stand alone practice.

The course is replete with pre and post evaluations and depends heavily on active involvement by the participants. The course work will be inclusive and delivered by the best available faculty, both in house and external.

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