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Taking Palliative Care
from Pune To Pan-India

Building the palliative care ecosystem

Our work at the Cipla Palliative Care & Training Centre, Pune, has inspired us to support quality palliative care service across the country. We’ve been partnering with governmental, non-governmental and community-based organisations to provide direct palliative care services to patients and increase awareness about palliative care.


Our support enables a core team of doctors, nurses, social workers and counsellors to serve patients admitted to hospitals or visiting out-patient clinics or in their homes.

Currently we have partnerships and collaborations with 30 partners in 27 cities across India.

In 2023-24

  • 50,000+ patients and families cared for
  • 30 palliative care organisations supported in 42 projects
  • 27 cities reached across India
The map used in the website is for general illustration only, not indicative of political boundaries and not to be used for reference purposes.
Building the Palliative Care Ecosystem

To provide palliative care services as close to diagnosis as possible to all patients, especially the most vulnerable, we adopt a multi-pronged approach:

  • Integrate palliative care within cancer treatment
  • Strengthen homecare services
  • Make palliative care possible for illnesses beyond cancer
  • Increase access and awareness for pediatric palliative care


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Annual Update 2023-24

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