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Connecting to Care

We are part of the Saath-Saath helpline, a collaborative effort of palliative care organisations across India with a shared vision to support people with any serious illness, their caregivers and health care professionals.

Connecting to Care

This national toll-free number 1800-202-7777 is staffed by trained palliative care volunteers who listen, assess the callers’ need and link them to the nearest palliative care provider.

Saath-Saath could make all the difference to someone who might be in pain, is alone, and needs support. As we expand the Saath-Saath network we hope that everyone will play a part in spreading awareness about the helpline.

5,800+ calls were received in 2023-24 and referred to palliative care services across India for all serious illnesses including cancer, thalassemia, lung disorders and more.

When Mr Ravi Gupte, a retired bank manager, learned of his daunting diagnosis of a malignant brain tumour, he found himself navigating unfamiliar territory, unsure of where to turn for guidance and support.

At the recommendation of a friend, he dialled Saath-Saath and was immediately connected to a world of information and compassion. He was guided to the nearest palliative care facility where he found a range of comfort care services, including pain management, symptom control and emotional support.

A Saath-Saath call helped him find personalised guidance unique to his needs and preferences. And a safe to express his concerns and queries, thus building his resilience to face his illness.



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